The food industry is growing and bringing more and more unique changes in the market to meet consumer demands. Although the industry faced some negative impacts due to the coronavirus in 2020, it soon made a comeback with the introduction of newer, and better trends that made it easier to get back on track and proceed towards its growth. In this blog, we discuss some of those megatrends that became part of the food industry, which foodpreneurs need to focus on in 2021.

1- Emphasis on Health

With Covid-19 and global warming, every person is becoming more and more health-conscious and applying it in their food consumption habits as well. So one of the major trends the food industry is experiencing now is the huge boost of healthy food, and more climate change initiatives even by foodpreneurs. Restaurant and food business owners are opting for more environmentally-friendly packaging.

Another trend that’s becoming common for a while now is transparency. Consumers are more skeptical about the hygiene policies of restaurants, the origin of where the food is coming from, and how it’s processed. This is making restaurants get into the trend of showing BTS videos of their kitchens and cooking process.

2- Growth of Cloud Kitchens

Recently, a new concept of cloud kitchens started taking shape across the globe, and then came the pandemic, making the concept even more popular among the masses. Cloud kitchens, like Hotpod, are delivery-only kitchens that don’t have a dine-in space.
As everyone became quarantined during the pandemic, all restaurant businesses went on a strict delivery-only model to cater to people’s demands. This gave rise to the need for a delivery-model like the one cloud kitchens promise to bring to the table. With this rise, came the realization that the ghost kitchen model is the future of the food industry, with an expected growth rate of more than $71 Billion by the year 2027.

3- Test Kitchens

Test kitchens are those used for developing new, unique kinds of food. They’re usually led by research departments of large companies or individuals who like to experiment with new food recipes. MasterClass Pakistan and Test Kitchen by Okra are two such examples of test kitchens operating in Pakistan.

4- Food Discounts and Deals

With the delivery and takeaway models becoming more and more utilized, and food apps becoming more common, one of the growing demands from consumers is that of food vouchers and coupons that make it convenient for them to order from outside. Competition on this one trend has increased so much that any restaurant or app not offering vouchers immediately gets rejected compared to those with favorable and appealing deals and discounts on their menus. Apps like Foodpanda and BOGO are also bringing more unique ways of presenting these discounts to make people invest more in their services, growing their food businesses further.

5- Unique Food Concepts

Influencer marketing may not be a new food trend in the industry, but this trend has been optimized with more unique food concepts. One of those concepts includes initiating food competitions and challenges which the influencers and regular people participate in, bringing more traffic to the food business’s social sites, and increasing their consumer audience.

Another concept becoming more common is the increase of ‘Instagramming’ one’s food and posting reviews of them on socials. This is a convenient word-of-mouth marketing tactic that food businesses don’t really mind as it gets new customers to their page.

How is Hotpod contributing to these Trends?

Hotpod is Pakistan’s first cloud kitchen, and it’s bringing considerable change in people’s delivery habits by making them more optimized. Following are some ways Hotpod is bringing new food trends to the market.

Restaurant Collaborations

The managed cloud kitchen tends to collaborate with different food businesses to bring their recipes to its menu, have its staff prepare the food, and deliver it among consumers according to their preferences.

Celebrity Ghost Kitchens

With the global cloud kitchen market buzzing with news about celebrity ghost kitchens, Hotpod may also plan to bring such concepts in the food market of Pakistan in the future, introducing a new megatrend for the food industry.

Freedom to Experiment

Hotpod, being a managed kitchen, has the freedom to not just experiment with new food menus but also in scaling the locations on a hyper-local level where they will deliver this food. This means the virtual model will be able to assess consumer preferences of specific areas, making it much easier for customers to get satisfied while also leading to the food business’s growth.

Furthermore, the influencer marketing trend keeps growing and becoming more creative, which is an essential part of growing the food industry in the age of social media. All of these megatrends are what foodpreneurs need to focus on in the year 2021.