With the advancing technology and the increased use of e-commerce platforms, it has been becoming clear for a while now that the food industry, too, needs to have more online solutions for people to order food more efficiently. Then came the pandemic, and it became more apparent than ever that now is the time for the food industry to take most of its operations online, and make delivery services more optimized. But restaurants themselves have limited resources, and these limitations aren’t just about their staff.

Each restaurant operates from a particular location, and even if they have multiple chains across a city, their geographical limitation still doesn’t allow them to make deliveries all over the entire city, let alone in different cities of a country. To tackle this issue came the concept of cloud kitchens. These kitchens are delivery only kitchens that collaborate with different restaurants to deliver their food to different areas, or even cities, aiming to ensure quality and efficiency in the delivery process.

Cloud kitchens operate from remote locations, cutting down on rent expenses while also making it possible to deliver food in areas where the original restaurant can’t reach. Recently, HotPod i.e. the first of a shared cloud kitchen for Pakistan, launched in Karachi. The objective for the cloud kitchen is to expand its operations throughout the country, so that people have access to food from across Pakistan in different cities, even if the original restaurant doesn’t operate in those cities. The aim of Hotpod? To grow the food industry in Pakistan and achieve maximum success for their clients.

Need for Hotpod

With the culinary industry expected to grow to $1 trillion by the next decade, food delivery and sales are becoming more and more advanced. This not only increases revenues for restaurant businesses but also increases competition and lowers the likelihood for small players of the industry to enter and achieve proper success due to the big players taking steps to optimize their practices and attracting most of the audience.

In this situation, all food entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, need economies of scale to maximize their profits and minimize spending. This means collaborating with cloud kitchens like Hotpod, which minimize the spending of restaurants while also increasing their production levels and reach to the audience.

The What Behind Hotpod

Hotpod’s aim is to help small foodpreneurs achieve the same economies of scale as larger businesses, with minimum spending. The cloud kitchen is creating kitchen spaces in high-demand locations, providing cost-efficient methods of increasing every food business’s delivery network. This way, the clients of Hotpod will be able to experiment with different audiences and markets, having the benefit of accessing Hotpod’s own user-base and learning their preferences, optimizing their business in the process.

The How Behind Hotpod

So far, we’ve spoken about all the ways Hotpod aims to grow its clients, but how will it all be done? Let’s break down the process.

  • The first step will be for Hotpod to learn all your recipes and source the highest quality of ingredients. After which, they will add all of your recipes to their menu, mentioning that it’s from your restaurant, this will give your audience the know-how of which restaurant they should order from.
  • Hotpod will receive orders from your audience, and then the Hotpod team will prepare your food with the ingredients you gave. This will ensure the quality and taste of food your business delivers, making the process more authentic for the audience to trust.
  • After this, the food is delivered fresh to your audience, in locations your restaurant has limitations to reach. This expands your market and increases the likelihood of your success, even in places you’re not present.

The kitchen will partner with several food delivery apps to make their operations more enhanced, while also gaining access to the shared restaurant’s apps and websites to manage and grow the restaurant’s orders. The Hotpod technology will give restaurants access to all the data from the total number of deliveries done to total costs and changing trends.

Hotpod’s Team

Hotpod is a team of industry experts committed to delivering value and quality to partners as well as the audience. The founder and CEO is Abdus Samad Rashid, and the CGO Adeel Hashim, both of whom are passionate about raising the bar of the food industry in Pakistan and growing its food businesses with maximum profits and minimum costs.

Currently, a few of Karachi’s restaurants and food businesses, with the likes of Chachajee, Wingitt, China Grill, etc are partners with Hotpod. The goal of the kitchen is to expand their partners not only to more restaurants in Karachi but also to more food businesses across the country.