When Covid-19 hit with its full blow, every business started collectively panicking about how they will continue their operations in such dire circumstances. One industry, in particular, turned out to have a lot to lose: the food industry. The problem wasn’t that they could no longer operate their dine-in facilities, the problem was that most restaurants had prioritized their entire operations on dining-in and didn’t have a proper food delivery service: something that became more utilized as food delivery apps became more enhanced during the pandemic.

Since it became apparent that online shopping and eating was on the rise, especially due to Covid-19, this led to a need for a better alternative when it comes to delivering food to people’s homes without having to worry about their location or the quality of the food being delivered. Hence came Pakistan’s first shared cloud kitchen: Hotpod.

Although the brand itself is in its initial stages, experts have already predicted huge things to come from Hotpod in the future regarding Pakistan’s food industry. The cloud kitchen has already partnered with a few of Karachi’s well-known food brands i.e. China Grill, Wingitt, Chairman MAO, Chachajee, Hey Pita, etc. With the Covid-19 restrictions still in place, there’s no doubt these brands have enhanced their delivery services across the city of Karachi with the help of Hotpod. How? Let’s have a look below.

Hotpod’s Contribution to the Growth of Food Brands During Covid-19

Low Overheads

One of the biggest benefits of working with Hotpod is that a restaurant doesn’t need to invest in a huge space for dine-in and staffing. The location only needs to have ample kitchen space with all the necessary equipment needed for cooking the food. The shared kitchen only has multiple counters to cater to the different restaurants it has partnered with instead of needing to have a different space for the dine-in crowd etc. This means that the business costs lower than it would if it had a dine-in experience. Since the front-house staff is no longer necessary, this also cuts off the cost of hiring a huge staff.

In this way, Hotpod is helping food brands to spend less on labor and operational costs, resulting in some huge savings at a time when they’re needed the most i.e. a global pandemic!


Perhaps the major advantage Hotpod is providing to its clientele is that of increased scalability. For E.g. Wingitt, one of Hotpod’s partners only operates in DHA, Karachi. This means its delivery expansion options could be limited, and people, e.g. living in Nazimabad, won’t be able to order food from the brand. This is where Hotpod comes into the picture.

What happens is that Wingitt is giving all of its ingredients and recipes for Hotpod to prepare in all the areas where the cloud kitchen is operational, even Nazimabad. So even if Wingitt itself has a limited delivery location, with Hotpod, their food can easily be delivered as far as Nazimabad without having a WIngitt outlet, while with the quality of flavors the brand itself promises. This not only increases the restaurant’s delivery radius but also satisfy a larger audience than was previously possible.

Better Efficiency

Hotpod is providing an increased level of efficiency when it comes to delivering food on time. In the traditional model, restaurants are more focused on organizing the busy eating hours and hence can’t entirely put their focus on making efficient deliveries. This leaves customers dissatisfied with the restaurant’s services.

With Hotpod’s cloud kitchen model, this issue is eliminated since, as soon as an order comes in, the staff is focused on preparing that meal as quickly and accurately as possible, and then sending it out to be delivered at the time stated to the customer. This means the customer gets fresh food delivered to their doorstep without having to wait as long as they normally would for the original restaurant’s delivery.


Another huge benefit of Hotpod is that it’s providing awareness to different food brands which not many people living in different areas know about or have access to. This way, different restaurants that have partnered with Hotpod are gaining the advantage of having their brand to get known among audiences without having to spend too much on marketing campaigns.

These are all the ways Hotpod is helping food brands expand their operations, even in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of Hotpod is to grow Pakistan’s food industry by making not just delivery but also the quality of the food more enhancing for the customer to experience. In the long-term, this cloud kitchen can even expand each brand’s delivery services throughout the country without treating location as a limitation. Hotpod is a huge step in the strong and positive growth of the Pakistani food industry.