Cloud kitchens became the new talk of the town as the Covid-19 pandemic hit and then started a new trend among the foreign food industry – celebrity ghost kitchens. Although the concept launched in mid-to-late 2019, by the time it hit the industry in full flow, the virus had already locked down most of the countries around the world, and it became a need of the hour for the food delivery business.

Cloud kitchens, also known as virtual or ghost kitchens, are delivery-only businesses that either cooks their own food or collaborate with multiple food brands and deliver their food under their own brand name. These kitchens don’t have any dine-in space, just kitchen counters dedicated to different restaurants with all the kitchen equipment set-up. These kitchens got a new twist when in 2019, ghost kitchens started pairing up with celebrity chefs and lifestyle brands to launch limited time restaurants with delivery-only options and high star power.

In August 2020, rapper Wiz Khalifa announced the launch of his own version of a celebrity cloud kitchen with the name of Hotbox, curated by the rapper himself and partnered by Ordermark. This isn’t an entirely new concept though. Formerly, rapper Tyga launched a delivery-only kitchen with chicken bites, musician Steve Aoki launched Pizzaoki for delivery, and Rachael Ray collaborated with Uber Eats for her cloud kitchen.

This isn’t where it stops though, because when we say celebrity, it also means famous YouTube personalities, one of whom is Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson). The second-highest-paid YouTuber in the World, Mr. Beast just opened 300 delivery-only chains of his own food brand, Mr. Beast Burgers, all across the U.S. The channel of taking orders and delivering food will be done through either the Mr. Beast Burgers official app or UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates.

Hotpod’s Idea of Celebrity Cloud Kitchens

All of this is from the global food market though. Let’s have a look at what Pakistan is doing in this department. Recently, Hotpod launched in Pakistan and immediately took the internet by storm as the country’s first official cloud kitchen. With this launch comes the buzz of everything people are expecting the cloud kitchen will have in store for its audience.

Ever since its launch, the cloud kitchen has helped various food brands to expand their business through scalable deliveries and a more efficient method of operating. With this in view, Hotpod is now planning to introduce celebrity cloud kitchens in Pakistan, the likes of which have never really been heard before in the country.

With premises-based restaurants still having limitations on them because of the pandemic, and the rising demand for online food deliveries, Hotpod is just getting started to take over the food industry. And pair that up with celebrities, you get an even more in-demand kitchen that people will love to invest in.